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RendezView Team Collaboration

One platform that improves remote team effectiveness, happiness, and productivity.


Why RendezView?

Permanent Meetings

Finally, a permanent place for remote team meetings.

With RendezView, each team can have their own workspace that is like their own personal conference room where no one erases the whiteboard. The team’s room will always be exactly as they last left it.

Message team members

Real time collaboration, communication, and transparency.

Every team member can view, annotate, edit and share documents of any type in the team’s workspace. In real time. And with built-in video chat, communication is seamless.

Smart features

Smart features keep teams organized, productive, and accountable.

RendezView organizes the workspace so you can always understand what has been worked on last and what is up next. With dynamic visuals of individual and team activity, RendezView helps build cross-functional transparency and trust.


See why Product Managers love using RendezView

We make working with remote teams fun again!

Cross-functional communication has never been easier. RendezView helped us streamline our launch, saving us weeks of time.


Eliot W.

Content Operations Manager


Interested in a specific use case?

Recurring Meetings

Recurring Meetings

Save time by picking up where you left off last time and collaborating on documents in real time.

Product Launch

Product Launches

Increase transparency between teams with one central place to direct efforts, define deliverables, and share results.

War Rooms

War Rooms

Zoom in or out by keeping multiple file types from multiple teams all in one visual workspace.



Put knowledge at everyone’s fingertips in a single workspace, dramatically easing the post-mortem set-up process.

God Mode

God Mode Visualization

Eliminate surprises by being able to monitor activity and drill down on any projects in the company.

Cross Functional

Any Cross-Functional Project

Put knowledge at everyone’s fingertips, eliminating unnecessary delays and enabling faster decision-making.


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