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RendezView for War Rooms

Converting an empty conference room into a dedicated war room is great, as long as no one erases the whiteboard in between meetings. In a distributed world, getting key decision makers together in a war room to review a dynamic set of documents and files is nearly impossible. RendezView makes war rooms possible again for remote and distributed teams.


With RendezView, you can...

war room 1

Zoom in or out by keeping multiple file types from multiple teams all in one visual workspace.

war room 2

Instantly re-prioritize and assign tasks in a dynamic, collaborative environment made for teams.

war room 3

Save valuable time as the team can pick up where they left off yesterday with all their files, organized and ready to go.

war room 4

Put knowledge at everyone’s fingertips, eliminating unnecessary delays and enabling faster decision-making.


High level strategy work, receiving & giving presentations, and running a distributed team has never been easier. "

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