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Bring documents from everyday life into a collaborative environment built for teams. Video chat + edit files + work together with your team, all in the same app.



The Endless Canvas Built For Work

We're building a platform that lets you work together with your team more effectively, finish projects faster, and deliver better results.


For Remote Teams

No Office? Working from home? No Problem. Meet and work together with your team from anywhere.


For Startups

Quickly get your team on the same page. Meet and review files instantly, without juggling five apps at once.

Task management

For Scaleups

Become an industry leader with RendezView. Ship projects faster than the competition and build your empire.

Collaborative Workspaces

RendezView takes the suck out of your meetings.

Get more done with your team and visualize projects like never before. Click below to see how you can use RendezView for:


Finish projects faster with RendezView


Seamless integrations with your favorite apps

With even more integrations on the way!


See why RendezView saves teams more than 20 hours per month

We launched new features in record time last quarter. Working with my remote team is so much easier; feels like we're back in the conference room again. "

Robert Williams

Robert W.

Product Manager


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