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RendezView for Post Mortems

Shipping new products or features takes a lot of work, and the process doesn't end there. After a launch it's important to look back and analyze what worked, what didn't, and where the project fell short of meeting its goals. RendezView takes the suck out of retrospectives by allowing you to review your entire project, from start to finish, in the same place you built it.


With RendezView, you can...

Post Mortem

Put knowledge at everyone’s fingertips in a single workspace, dramatically easing the post-mortem set-up process.

Post Mortem 2

Turn feedback into action by resolving issues faster through increased cross-functional collaboration and transparent access to important project details.

Post Mortem 3

Increase your team’s knowledge by capturing all the key elements of prior decisions all in one easy-to-access visual workspace.

Post Mortem 4

Ensure all teams voices are heard with a transparent, cross-functional workplace that includes all key project details.


The post mortem retrospective process has been so much easier since we started launching in RendezView."


Sandeep K.

Sr. Product Manager


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