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RendezView for God Mode

Managing a remote team isn't easy, especially when everyone is working on their own thing. Product Managers aren't able to track individual progress in real time, leaving them in the dark between status updates. RendezView takes the guesswork out of remote collaboration and allows team leaders to monitor live project updates from the entire team all in one place and in real time.


With RendezView, you can...

God Mode 1

Eliminate surprises by being able to monitor activity and drill down on any projects in the company.

God Mode 2

Identify potential stars on the team who are putting in the most effort.

God Mode 3

Drive transparency by enabling team members to monitor each other and collaborate seamlessly, eliminating  unnecessary meetings.

God Mode 4

Increase urgency through visual displays of individual team progress broadcast throughout the workspace.


RendezView is a game changer!"

Cindy W

Cindy M.

Junior Product Manager


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