RendezView Collaborative Workspaces

Collaborative Workspaces For Distributed Teams

RendezView helps remote teams work happily by consolidating all the daily docs, sheets, and drawings into virtual project boards they can edit, visualize, and share.

Built in Honolulu and backed by the Hawaii's leading institutions.

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Go Beyond Communication

Collaborate on essential files while you meet. Take notes. Update Spreadsheets. Review documents.

All in real-time. All in a single platform. All together.

Collaborative Workspaces

Bring your team together and stay on the same page.

Create synchronized workspaces for your projects so you don't have to worry about tracking down files, sharing links, or switching tabs. The best part? It's all there for your next meeting, right where you left it.

  • Organize your meeting documents
  • Share files instantly across your entire team
  • Video chat while editing files
  • Collaborate like you're in the same room

Make your meetings more efficient.

Take notes as a team in real-time, make important updates to spreadsheets, and visualize files like never before.

“Our meetings have never been more productive. The tech is fun to use and makes our meetings more efficient and engaging. Thanks :)”

Dylan G,  Project Manager at Stealth

Features you need, together in one tool.


HD Video Chat

Crisp, clear video and audio in every workspace.


Google Drive

Edit important Docs, Sheets, and Slides and collaborate together in real-time.



Synchronized PDF viewer so your team can stay on the same page, literally.

Task management

Project Management

RendezView works great with tools in your existing workflow.


Recurring Meetings

Your notes, images, videos, and Drive files are saved in your workspace right where you left them.


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Experience the most efficient group collaboration software for recurring meetings.

RendezView integrates with your favorite apps


See why RendezView saves teams more than 20 hours per month.

Our meetings have never been more productive! The workspaces are fun to use and makes our meetings more efficient and engaging. Thanks :)

Dylan G

Dylan G.

Project Manager, Stealth

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